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To add a company to the directory there is a one time listing fee of £299. (For more information on this charge please see our FAQ below.)

Step 1 - Submit payment   (For your protection Storesrus accepts only Paypal or Credit Card payments)

Step 2 - You will receive a email where to enter your company information.

Step 3 - Your company listing will go live on Storesrus.


Frequently asked questions

1.Why do you charge for listings?
2. The cost is cheap/expensive?
3. what can my listing contain?
4. What are the benefits of listing at Storesrus?



1. Why do you charge for listings?

There are two main reasons:

1a. Fraud

It is easier today for website stores to setup, appear and later disappear.
By moving to a paid only listing directory only genuine UK businesses will ever submit a listing.
This has eliminated fraudulent and spam listing requests and helps list only the very best in UK online shopping websites here at Storesrus.

1b. Cost of running Storesrus

As much as we would like a completely free website, like any busy website Storesrus incurs monthly operating costs. These include: hosting, bandwidth, server hardware, electricity and staff. No profit is made from the listing charge.
Many directory review websites, such as Angies List, charge the end users/consumers for using their directory. We wanted to keep the directory free for shoppers/users therefore the site is paid for by the companies who benefit from the directory through increased traffic and sales.


2. The one time listing fee seems - cheap/expensive

We know we cannot meet everyones expectations. The fee was calculated to make it affordable to every size genuine UK business.
The majority of directories charge 'per year' for listings making Storesrus the lowest priced reputable shopping directory in the UK.


3. What can my listing contain?

We are always increasing the sites parameters. At the time of writing each listing may contain any or all of the below:

Company Name
Company Summary
Company Description
Telephone Number
Facebook URL Link
Twitter URL Link
Google+ URL Link  - (NEW in 2013)
Website URL Link
Company Thumbnail Image


4. Benefits of listing

There are many reasons and benefits. Some of these include:

- Shows UK shoppers you are a genuine registered UK secure shopping website.
- Potential increase in sales through new website traffic.
- Improved search engine rankings for your website.  Listings & links from reputable website directories such as Storesrus help rankings.
- Direct support and account contact with the Storesrus team.
- Free advertising through and its social media.